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Article 1 : Name

The society shall be known as the Persatuan Penyakit Berjangkit dan Kemoterapi Malaysia (Malaysian Society Of Infectious Diseases and Chemotheraphy);hereafter shall be referred to as the "Society".


Article 2 : Place and address of business.

The place and address of business of the Society shall be:

c/o Department of Medical Microbiology,
Faculty of Medicine Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
Jalan Yaacob Latif,
Bandar Tun Razak,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

The place and address of business shall not be changed without the prior approval of the registrar of Societies.


ARTICLE 3: Objectives

The objectives of the Society shall be

i) to facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in the field of infectious diseases and chemotherapy

ii) to promote research and scientific knowledge in the mentioned field through discussions, reports and publications


ARTICLE 4: Membership

4.1 Membership :

i) Ordinary membership shall be open to any medical practioner or university graduate currently working or involved in the aforementioned fields. Ordinary members are eligible to vote, hold elective office ang serve on committees.

ii) Associate membership shall be open to any person who does not hold a University degree but is actively involved in the fields of infectious diseases and chemotherapy. Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold elective office

iii) Corporate membership shall be open to any commercial or private organization interested in sopporting the objectives of the Society Corporate membersshall not beeligible to vote or hold elective office

4.2 Life membership shall be open to all ordinary and associate members on payment of the subcription for life membership.

4.3 Honorary membership may be conferred on any person who has contributed meritoriosly in the fields of infectious diseases and chemotherapy by the Society at the Annual General Meeting.

4.4 Membership will be unlimited.

4.5 Application for membership shall be made on prescribed forms and submitted to the Secretary who shall submit it to the Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee may at its dicretion reject any application without assigning any reasons thereof.

4.6 Every applicant whose application has been approved shall upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee and the first annual subcription be admitted as a member of the Society.


ARTICLE 5: Entrance fees and subscriptions

5.1 The entrance fee and subcription payable are as follows:

Entrance fee:

Ordinary member: RM50.00

Associate member: RM30.00

Corporate member: RM100.00

Annual Subcription:

Ordinary member: RM50.00

Associate member: RM30.00

Corporate member: RM500.00

Subscription for life membership fo ordinary members shall be RM 500.00 and for associate members shall be RM 300.00

5.2 The annual subscription shall be payable in advance and shall be due on the 1st January in each year and payable by the 31st March of the year.

5.3 Any member who allows hi arears to exceed two (2) consecutive annual subcriptions shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf of the Secretary and shall be denied the privileges of membership until he settles his account.

5.4 Any member who allows his arrears to exceed three (3) years subcription shall automatically cease to be a member of the Society, and the Ececutive Committee may direct legal action to be taken againts him provided that they are satified that he has received due notice of his debts.

5.5 The Executive Committee shall have the power to fix a re-entrance fee for any peson who allowed his membership to lapse through arrears.


ARTICLE 6 : Cessation of membership

6.1 Any member who wishes to resign from the society shall give two weeks notice in writing to the secretary and shall pay up all dues.

6.2 Any member who is in arrears for three successive years shall cease to be a member (see Article 5.4)


ARTICLE 7: The Execution Committee

7.1 The Execution Committee consisting of the following, shall e termed the office-bearers of the Society:

i) A President

ii) A Vice -President

iii) An Immediate Past -President

iv) A Secretary

v) A Treasurer

vi) 6(six) ordinary committee members of whom 4 (four) are elected and 2 (two)

7.2 The office -bearers of the Society and every officer performing executive function in the society shall be Malaysian citizens.

7.3 The out-going President will become the Immediate Past-President and shall hold office for one term only.

7.4 Names fo the above officers shall be perposed and seconded and election will be by a majority vote of members present at the annual general meeting. All office bearers will hold office for two consecutive term (4 years).

7.5 The function of the Executive Committee is to organise and supervise the activities of the Society consistent with the objectives.

7.6 The executive Committee shall meet at least once every three (3) months and at least fourteen (14) days notice on each meeting shall be given to the members acing together may call for a meeting of the Committee to be held at any time. At least half of the committee members must be present for its proceedings to be valid and to constitute a quorum.

7.7 where an urgent matter requiring the approval of the Committee arises and it is not possible to convene a meeting, the Secretary may obtain such approval by means of a circular letter. The following conditions must be fulfilled before a decision of the Committee is deemed to have obtained:

(i) the issue must be clearly set out in the circular and forwarded to the members of the commitee.

(ii) at least one half of the members of the Commitee must indicate in writing whether they are in favour of or againts the proposal

(iii) the decision must be by a majority vote.

7.8 any members of the committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the commitee without satisfactory explanation shall be deemed to have resigned from the committee.

7.9 in the event of death or resignation of member of the committee, the commitee shall have the power to co opt any other voting members of the society to fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting.

7.10 the committee may appoint organisers and such staff as it deems necessary for the conduct of the affairs of the society. it may suspend or dismiss any organizer or member of staff for negelct of duty, dishonesty, incompetence, refusal to carry out the decisions of the committee or any other reason which it deems good ang sufficient in the interest of the society

7.11 The committee may form sub-commitee if deemed necessary and shall give specific duties to any member of the committee.


ARTICLE 8 : Duties of Office Bearers

8.1 The President

(i) shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the society

(ii) shall preside at all general ang executive committee meetings and shall be responsible for the proper conduct of such meeting

(iii) shall sign the minutes of each meeting when they are approved

(iv) shall have the casting vote

8.2 The Vice-President

(i) shall share with the president the responsibilities of the society

(ii) shall deputise for the president during the letter`s absence.

8.3 Immediate Past-President

(i) shall approve continuity to the incoming Executive Commitee, and shall be eligible to vote

8.4 The Secretary

(i) shall be resposible for the general management of the society and shall carry out instructions of the general meeting and the Executive Commitee.

(ii) shall be in charge of the administration and correspondence of the society and keeping all books, documents and papers

(iii) shall maintain an up to date membership register

(iv) shall keep minutes of the general and executive commitee meeting with the right to speak and vote

(v) shall prepare the annual report for consideration by the Executive Commitee and Annual General Meeting.

(vi) shall notify members of the dates of Executive Commitee and General Meetings.

8.5 The Treasurer

(i) shall be resposible for the financial management of the society.

(ii) shall keep proper accounts of all financial transactions, such as entrance fees, subcription and donations.

(iii) shall prepare and submit the annual financial report including statements of receipts and payments and the balance sheet

8.6 Ordinary Committee Members The ordinary Committee Members of the society shall assure that the officials of the society act and perform in the interest of the society as a whole.


ARTICLE 9: General Meeting

9.1 The authority of the society is vested in a general meeting of the members. At least one half of the total voting membership or twice the number of executive committee members, whichever is the lesser must be present to constitute a quorum.

9.2 in the event of there being no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourns to adate (not exceeding thirty days) to be decided by the committee. if a quorum is not present at the postponed meeting the members present shall havr the power to proceed with the business of the day but shall not have power to alter the rules of the society.

9.3 The annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of April each year on a date and place to be decided by the executive Committee

9.4 the business of the annual General Meeting shall be:

(i) to receive the Annual Report

(ii) to receive the tresurer`s Report and the audited accounts of the previous year

(iii) to elect office bearers of the execuitive committee every alternate year

(iv) to appoint two auditors

(v) to deal with all matters as may be put before it.

9.5 Notice of the Annual General Meeting, stating the date, time and place of meeting together with the agenda and audited accounts of the previous year shall be sent to all members at least fourteen (14) days before the annual general meeting by the secretary. Copies of these documents will also be made available at the registered place of business of the society

9.6 An Extraordinarily General Meeting Shall be convened:

(i) whenever the Executive Committee deems it necessary, or

(ii) at teh joint request in writing of not less than twenty (20) voting members, stating the objectives reasons for such a meeting. such a meeting shall be convened within thirty (30) days of the receipt of such a request.

9.7 Article 9(1) regarding quorum shall apply to the Extraordinary General Meeting. In the event of there being no quorum, the meeting shall be canceled

9.8 Only matters for which such Extraordinary General Meeting is called for shall constitute the agenda.


Article 10: Finance

10.1 The Financial year shall begin on the first of January of each year and end on the thirty first of December of the same year.

10.2 All cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer plus one other person who shall be teh president and The Vice President or the Secretary

10.3 The Treasurer is authorised to keep and expend up to RM 500.00 petty cash on behalf of the society

10.4 Payments of less than RM 1000.00 shall be approved together by the President the Secretary and the Treasurer. Payments in excess of RM 1000.00 shall be made by cheque after being approved by the executive committee.

10.5 All monies shall be in the name of the society and made directly to the Treasurer.

10.6 The Executive Committee shall beauthorised to accept donations and any other monies on behalf of the Society.

10.7 The Executive Committee shall be authorized to seek funds for the Society by appropriate ang lawful means.

10.8 A Statement of income and expenditure and a balance sheet for the year shall be prepared by the Treasurer and audited by the Auditors appointed The audited accounts shall be submitted for the approval of the next Annua General Meeting and copies made available at the registerd office of the Society.


ARTICLE 11: Publication

The Executive Committee shall if deemed necessary appoint a subcommittee which shall be responsible for all publication of the society subject to the approval of the relevant authorities


ARTICLE 12: Auditors

12.1 Two persons who shall not be office bearers of the society, shall be appointed by the annual general meting as Honorary Auditors.They shall hold office for two (2) years and may be reappointed.

12.2 The Auditors shall be required to audit th accounts of the Society for year and to prepare a report or certificate for the Annual General General Meeting. They may also be required by the President to audit the accounts of the Society for any period within their tenure of office at any date or to make a report to the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE 13: Advisor/Patron

The Society shall if deemed necessary appoint a person / persons as advisors or patrons of the society.


ARTICLE 14: Prohibition

14.1 The Society shall not indulge in political, communal or religious disputes.

14.2 The Society shall not engage in any trade uinon activity as defined in the Trade Union Ordinance, 1959.

14.3 The Society shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to members or not, in the name of the Society or office-bearers. Executive Committee or members

14.4 No University or university college student shall be admitted as a member of the society without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor of the university or university college concerned


ARTICLE 15 : Amendments

15.1 Amendments to the rules of the Society shall be made at a General Meeting.

15.2 All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least thirty (30) days before the General Meeting.

15.3 All proposed amendments shall ne circulated to members of the society fourteen (14) days before the General meeting

15.4 Amendments to the rules of the Society shall be adopted only if at least two-thirds of the voting members present in the genera meeting have voted in favor of the amendment. Any amendment to the rules shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies with 28 days after the decision to make such amendment has been duty passed. Such amendments shall take effect from the date of their approval by the Registrar of Societies


ARTICLE 16 : Dissolution

16.1 The Society shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than seventy-five (75) percent of the voting membership, expressed either in person or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for that purpose or by postal votes.

16.2 In the event of the Society being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on its behalf shall be fully discharged and remaining funds shall be disposed of in such manner as may be decided upon by a General Meeting.

16.3 Notice of the dissolution shall be made known to the registrar of Societies within fourteen (14) days of such

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